Tips to Find the Best Streaming Sites such as 9 Anime

9 Anime is the best streaming platform if you want to watch anime series. But if you want to find another streaming platform, you should keep some helpful notes in mind. That is to guide you when choosing and help you end up with a platform to enjoy.

How to Find a Streaming Platform Similar to 9 Anime

1. Consider the Genre

As a rule of thumb, it is best to find a platform that offers all movie or series genres. Such platforms let you enjoy any movie or series conveniently. And that’s because you don’t need to find a different platform when you feel like watching a different genre. For example, you’re on a platform that only features Asian series. Then expect that you need to find another platform when you want to watch Hollywood films.

The thing is, platforms that specialize in certain genres offer more shows from such genres. For example, when you go to a platform that streams only anime shows, chances are, you can find anime shows that you can’t find on generic platforms.

That’s why you should carefully weigh these genre factors when choosing.

2. Payments and Fees

Cost is a decisive factor when choosing any streaming platform. Why? Because it tells you whether you’d be seeing ads or not. 

Most paid streaming platforms do not display advertisements while you’re watching any show. Whereas most free streaming sites display a lot of advertisements to sustain their services. 

Of course, as a viewer, you don’t want a lot of ads disturbing your experience. That’s why you should find a free platform that doesn’t feature ads or go for an affordable streaming service. The thing is, it’s difficult to find a free platform with no ads that deliver high-quality video.

3. Video Quality

Next, think of the quality of the videos that a platform displays. It should have HD quality resolution for an optimal viewing experience. Hundreds of streaming sites today offer HD-quality videos. So, do not settle for a mediocre one. 

Note, however, that the cost is quite higher when you’re using a streaming platform with HD videos. Most of them charge higher subscription fees. Although, you can still find affordable services. 

In addition, HD videos consume more data than lower-quality videos. Meaning you may need to spend more when you use mobile data for HD video streaming. It is best to use a Wi-Fi connection for practical reasons. 

On a side note, look for reliable platforms with stellar speed when you want to complete your HD viewing experience. Slow and unreliable platforms can produce intermittent videos. And those sure are annoying for any viewer. 

4. Other Services

Of course, it is fantastic to consider other services that a streaming platform offers too. Such services can significantly improve your viewing experience.

One cool service or feature is the availability of a downloadable app. You only need to download and install such an app on your phone or computer. Then you can easily watch any show you want through the application. You do not need to manually visit the streaming site to watch a show.

Another fantastic feature is the ability to download show episodes or full movies. Such a feature lets you prepare some episodes or movies for offline viewing, which is perfect when you’re going to a place with no internet.

These are only a few essential factors to consider when searching for a streaming platform on the web. You want the best viewing experience while watching your favorite shows and movies. That is why you need the best platforms available. But if you love watching anime shows and movies, just go to 9 anime and enjoy!