Weight Training Supplements And The Basic Truth

There are many different Weight Training Supplements on the market for bodybuilding. The problem is… which ones work and which ones are market rip offs. I’ll touch on the basics of which supplements are necessary for bodybuilding.

  • Protein
  • Creatine
  • Multi vitamins
  • Fish oils
  • Protein

There are Four Main Weight Training Supplements that you should learn more about and take when Weight Training…

There are different kinds of proteins, such as…

  • Whey
  • Casein
  • Egg and
  • Soy

Whey will be the only protein I talk about in this article since I feel it is the best for bodybuilding.

Whey is a fast absorbing protein that gets into your muscles quickly. It is a great post weight training supplement when your muscles are in need of protein the most (right after your workout). Since Whey Protein comes in a powder form, you can put it into any drink, like a shake. By mixing it into a drink, it will be absorbed into your blood stream faster. You only have a hour to an hour and a half window to get the protein into your system after a workout for it to be the most effective.

Foods don’t allow you to get to the muscles that fast because it sits in your digestive track for a long period of time. Whey Protein goes into your system fast and help repairs the muscles and provides a faster recovery time.

There are two types of Whey…

Whey Concentrate Whey Isolate

Whey Concentrate is cheaper then the Whey Isolate but I would recommend using a Whey Isolate because its made of a higher quality protein.


The purpose of creatine is to give your body energy before your workout. It is especially good when you are on a low calorie diet and you need that extra energy during workouts. Creatine is basically a backup energy source when your body starts to run low on energy. It gives your body that second wind that it needs to finish your workout strong.

Creatine also help lessen your recovery time between sets. There are plenty of different pre-workout weight training supplements on the market that incorporate creatine in them. Creatine is very powerful and you do not need to take a lot for it to be effective. I recommend learning more about this supplement.

Multi Vitamins

When you are on a low calorie diet, it is hard to get all the necessary vitamins from your food. Multi vitamins will help replace the missing vitamins you don’t get from your diet. Certain vitamins also help in…

  • the recovery of your muscles
  • promotes faster growth for your muscles and
  • helps in weight loss.
  • So it is important that you keep your vitamin intake at a healthy level. 
  • Fish Oils

The omega 3 fatty acids in this supplement helps provide your body with the healthy fats that it needs. When you exercise, the omega 3 fatty acids helps burn more fat and it is all natural. It is a safe way to keep your fat levels down during your off season workout phase and helps you get ripped for competitions.

Along with these essentials, there are some natural supplements that contain essential micro-nutrients like zinc, boron or D-aspartic acids. For example, Testogen is one of the famous names to provide these nutrients in a single dose. Testogen reviews also state the quick power boosting to help quicken the results in a short period of time. 

For Weight Training Supplements, these are the basic supplements that I would recommend for anyone who is starting out in weight training and especially for people who have been bodybuilding for a while.

Taking fish oils and multi vitamins in the morning is usually the best time. You should take your creatine supplement 45 minutes to an hour before you workout. And, take your Whey Protein within 1 hour after your workout is over. These are the best times to take the above weight training supplements in which you will see the best results.