Workouts To Lose Weight Without Equipment

If you are among those busy individuals who do not have time to go to a gym, then you might as well just exercise at home without equipment and but a Testosterone booster that can help you. Due to your tight schedule at work, getting a gym membership might not be possible for you. So to solve this problem, here are examples of exercises that you can perform in your own home without having to use any types of equipment.

Jogging is considered to be the best form of home exercise for you really don’t need to have a wide lawn or a jogging track in order to perform this exercise at home. And what’s great is that there are so many benefits that you can get out of jogging, for aside from being the best cardiovascular exercises, it also works your entire legs and whole body as well. So take time to jog at home even for 30 min. each day and make sure to get yourself a pair of comfortable jogging shoes to avoid hurting your feet.

Ab crunches are the best way to get that perfect ab that everyone is dying to have. To perform this, lie on the floor while bending your knees and form a 90-degree angle. And after that, place both your hands behind your head and tuck your abs in then start your crunches with your back lying on the floor.

Lunges is also one of the best exercises at home without equipment, as it works you’re your entire hips and legs. Make sure to stand upright when performing this exercise and begin by taking a big step forward using your left leg, while bending your right knee at the same time. Now push back up to go back to a standing position and then take the next step forward, alternating both legs.

Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks is considered the most enjoyable exercise that you can simply do at home without the help of any type of equipment. This is a very pleasurable activity that could work your hands, legs, and thigh areas. Begin this exercise by standing on both feet, with your arms placed on your sides, and then tuck your abs in, while jumping as high as you can, with your knees bending.

Rotation exercises

This exercise is done by rotating your wrists clockwise and counter-clockwise. Afterward, alternately rotate your feet in the same way and then place both of your hands on your shoulders, then rotate your shoulders in the same direction as well. You may also lie on the floor while doing this exercise and then lift your left leg and rotate it clockwise and then rotate the other leg after that.

Aside from these exercises mentioned above, there are several other home exercises that you can perform at home even without the use of equipment. Now take note that when you exercise at home without equipment, make sure to wear proper exercise gear so as to be able to do the exercise well. You can also play dance music in the background so to achieve a lively mood. Now that you’ve got the essential information on the perfect workout to help you build the muscles, you need to be careful about your diet.

Exercises To Lose Stomach Fat Fast

Most people dread belly fat because it’s the hardest fat to lose. But think of it this way: it can be a challenge that will prove how disciplined you are about your health. Yes it’s true that stomach fats are very difficult to lose but it is also the most rewarding. A person can tell outright whether you are fat or not by simply looking at the size of your belly. A huge belly is a mark of an undisciplined and an unhealthy person.

The most important thing to remember when exercising is that in order to begin losing tummy fat, you must lose weight overall. You cannot directly impact the belly without affecting other areas of the body. So let’s say you want to lose stomach fat immediately, you must also lose those flabby arms and legs before dropping your love handles.

Aerobic and cardiovascular exercises are necessary in overall weight loss. When running for example, you must mix up your speeds in order to surprise the body. Don’t settle for one particular speed or intensity. The more you vary the intensity, the more you can keep the body guessing. As you burn calories, your body will begin to drop fats until all fats are gone, including the ones in your midsection.

Your typical exercise routine should consist of 70% cardio exercises and 30% strength training. So let’s say you spend at least twenty minutes a day jogging on a treadmill, you can spend ten more minutes on crunches and sit-ups. If you do this at least three times a week, you can lose weight fast in just six weeks.

A little bit of math can also come into play in your weight loss goal. Calorie count is very important. This doesn’t mean that you should get down on every calorie you that you consume and burn. An approximate count will do. Check out diet recipes online to have an approximate count of your calorie intake and make sure that your exercises are enough to burn more than what you eat. The best way to limit your calorie intake is by avoiding fats and eating lean meats, fish, fruits, and vegetables instead.

Losing weight is not rocket science. You just need to get up from in front of the television and do some exercises. The longer you sit and wait for the longer you will take to drop the excess pounds.

USmagazine has compiled the best exercises for users to help them start when they want to lose stubborn stomach fat. These exercises are easy to perform and very effective. With consistency and discipline, you will not be disappointed with the results.