What Types Of Testosterone Supplements Should You Take?

Various medications and supplements may claim to boost or increase the testosterone level in the body. However, you must know that boosting these hormones comes with a huge risk for causing cardiovascular problems like stroke or heart attack. 

People often use alternative treatments as a means to increase their testosterone levels, even though these treatments are not even backed by scientific results. It is often recommended to take a testosterone supplement only when they have a medical condition, which causes low testosterone in the body. 

So, if you are looking for the best testosterone supplementdoctors often recommend administering testosterone through transdermally or injections.

  • Injectable Testosterone 

Your doctor may recommend testosterone injections or might allow you to inject yourself at home. Injections of testosterone ensure that the person consistently receives a testosterone dose. Most often, doctors would recommend using it once in a week or two, which would be highly effective in treating hypogonadism. 

This injection may include testosterone cypionate or testosterone enanthate to ensure an optimal level of testosterone inside the body. But remember, an injection can cause damage to the tissue, so it would be better to change injection sites. 

  • Transdermal Testosterone 

One of the most convenient ways to take testosterone supplements is to apply the gel directly to your skin. Transdermal testosterone is a gel specially developed to ensure a consistent amount of testosterone every day. 

The best thing about this testosterone supplement is that it can prevent sudden exposure to high doses of testosterone, which protects your body from experiencing unusual side effects. But, like injectable testosterone, it also comes with some downsides:

  • You might experience skin irritation. 
  • The gel can remove or transfer through a skin contact
  • As the gel can easily rub off, it reduces the necessary dose of testosterone. 
  • Other Suitable Alternatives For Administering Testosterone 

Some people might have issues with the above administration methods, but don’t worry, plenty of testosterone boosters or supplements are available on the market that can increase the testosterone level. 

As mentioned above, they usually lack scientific backing. Therefore, it is recommended to bring some changes into your lifestyle such as eating a healthy and nutritional diet, reducing excess weight and exercising that includes cardio and strength training. 

These changes will have more impact on your testosterone than taking any supplements. However, if you are still not making any progress, you should consult your doctor. They will recommend the best approach that aligns with your medical history. 

  • DAA or d-aspartic acid is a hormone that helps trigger testosterone production in the body. So, you take a DAA supplement for increasing the testosterone level in the body. 
  • DHEA or Dehydroepiandrosterone is a hormone produced to increase testosterone production. So, it might help if you take a DHEA supplement for increasing your testosterone level.
  • Herbal supplements are also good for boosting testosterone levels as some products are available with the combination of DHEA, which boosts the product’s effectiveness. 

Before you take any supplement, it is recommended to consult your doctor to learn more about the dose and quality of the product.