How Can A Player Survive The First Night In The Minecraft Game?

Once a person starts playing the Minecraft game, the first thing that a person will have to plan is how to survive for the first night. If we talk about the first night, then it might be scary and pathetic, especially for the player who is playing the game for the first time. However, there are certain things that a person can do in order to survive for the first night-harvesting the wood, building the crafting table, arranging the weapons to defend themselves.

Survival in this game requires the proper strategy and also Survival Minecraft Servers.

If the player wants to survive in the starting, then the basic things are used by the people who are beginners in the world of gaming. For this, the player will have o follow specific steps about which we will discuss:

Punch a tree

In order to save you from the first night in the game, the player will require wood. The player will have to approach the trees and punch them properly until it breaks down into small pieces. This procedure must be repeated by the player till he is able to collect 4 to 5 blocks of the wood.

Get the crafting done

Once you are done with the collection of the wood, then the next step is to do the crafting on the wood and convert them into wooden planks. Crafting is not only done on the wood but even on the other things that the players require. For example, if the player wants to give a look at the inventory record, then just press the E tab.

In order to be an expert in the moving the items around the inventory screen, the person needs to practice it properly. Some of the controls that the player can keep in mind are as follows:

  • If you want to pick the whole stack of the wood, then just left-click on the mouse.
  • If the player wants to place a single item, then right-click will be an advisable option.

Make the crafting table

Hopefully, you are done with the creation of the wooden planks; now, you can just join the wooden planks and create the crafting table. Now the player is just required to place the crafting table in the toolbar and just clock the inventory by pressing the tab E.

Once the crafting table is made, its selection can be done by pressing the key 1 to 9 and right-click in order to place it on the floor.

Make the first tool

Players can just keep the two planks on the crafting table, one above the other, so that the sticks can be made. After this, the player can use the sticks and the planks to make the wooden pickaxe.

This is the tool that is quite useful in the game to dig, chop down the trees, and kill things. At this point, the player can make the wooden tools. Then, the player can make the tools as per the requirement.

Scouting the location

In this step, the person will have to find the location for building the first home. Dedicate proper time to finding the appropriate place for building the house. Keep in mind the following things.

    • If you find three or more sheep, then it will be worth killing them.
  • Select the Survival Minecraft Servers.
  • Make sure that you have a sufficient amount of the wood to be used in the future.

Build a home

After you are completed with the steps as mentioned above, then the last and final step that a person needs to follow is to build a home with the above-gathered equipment to get the protection.