Lower Body Fitness Machine – Know about the machines

Fitness machines are an excellent way to get in shape in whatever parts of the body you want to focus on. Some machines will save you the time of having to go jogging while others allow perform multiple workout routines. Although they can be pricey, many individuals go to fitness rooms instead, usually on a subscription-based system. This article will provide you with an overview of the three main fitness machines that focus more on the lower body: Elliptical trainers, treadmills, and exercise bikes. It will explore the mechanism of each machine as well as which body muscles it focuses on.

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Elliptical trainers

Let’s start with the legs. Elliptical trainers are exercise machines that simulate the act of jogging, running and walking. It also reduces the risk of injury than if you would perform these activities outside. One of the reasons this occurs is because people that use this machine do not move their feet up and down as if you were to move your legs outside or using a treadmill. This would also be beneficial if you were to use one at home as it would lower the amount of noise that could occur from footfall noise. What part of your body does it help tone? Most elliptical trainers are equipped with handles that you move back and forth to move the pedals. As a result of this motion, the trainer helps tone your back and biceps as you pull and your triceps and chest as you push forward. It also strengthens your midsection as you rotate your body from side to side. This constant motion also helps your cardiovascular motion as constant use of this machine will get your blood pumping. If you are looking for an all-around fitness machine without wanting to really focus on your biceps, then this is probably the best fitness machine for you as it is capable of toning many muscles.


Let’s go to a machine similar but different in several cases from the elliptical trainer. Treadmills is an exercise machine that typically uses a conveyer belt (like the long flat elevators at the airport), allowing people to walk or run. The rate to how fast the belt is moving is the rate to which the individual is walking or running. As a result, treadmills can be dangerous if you suddenly get tired after using it on a high setting. Most treadmills however have an emergency button you can press to completely shut down the machine right away. Most treadmills are motor driven, only requiring you to plug it into a wall outlet to begin a workout. If you have little space at home, it’s probably best to not purchase one of these as they tend to take up a lot of space. Treadmills focus more on your lower body, specifically on the hamstring, quadriceps, calves, hips and gluteal muscles. If you’re really looking to feel the burn, consider placing an incline on a treadmill. Doing so will exert more burn more calories as it works the gluteal muscles and quadriceps at an even greater pace. This is one of the greater benefits of a treadmill when compared to an elliptical trainer. If you want to also help tone your biceps and other upper body muscles, try carrying 2-3 pound dumbbell while on the treadmill.

One of the disadvantages of the treadmill is if you were to alternate to jogging instead. Treadmills can set a person to walk and run unnaturally when compared to running on the ground because many treadmills have a motor that you have to avoid hitting when running as well as placing a strict running pose on the runner’s legs. This will cause them to feel unbalanced when running or walking outside. As a result, this can have a negative effect on your cardiovascular system as running on the ground vs. running on a treadmills can have different implications. Keep this in mind if you were to consider using a treadmill.

Exercise Bikes

Exercise bikes are fitness machines that are very similar to riding a regular bicycle, but without having to moving forward. It is similar to the way a treadmill simulates walking and running. Of the three fitness machines discussed, exercise bikes provide the best cardiovascular workout for your body. Similar to the treadmill, the exercise bike mainly helps tone your hamstrings and quadriceps. It tones your quads when pedaling down and hamstring when going up. Be sure to keep your back straight and abs tight to reduce the risk of muscle injury. Although the exercise bike does not really tone your upper body, you can do arm exercises while cycling with dumbbells. Be warned however that you should only do this if you can keep a steady balance on the bike.

Exercise bikes also take up the least amount of space in your home when compared to the other two machines. In most cases too, they’re generally than an elliptical or treadmill. Exercise bikes also exert less pressure on the back so if you are suffering from back pain or other back-related issues, exercise bikes would be a safer investment than the other two machines. There are several types of exercise bikes such as recumbent stationary bikes, upright stationary bikes, dual-action stationary bikes and indoor cycles which are essentially the most basic form of the bike. All of these types of bikes focus more on individual body parts and can provide more back support. Check this article to decide which exercise bike is better for you.


Choosing the right exercise machine can be a difficult choice without the knowledge of what each machine can do. This will likely be the case if you are considering purchasing a machine rather than subscribing to a gym. If you regularly work out a gym, ask a fitness instructor for further information about the benefits of using these machines or look out for pamphlets and other sources of information regarding the machines. In summary, if you are looking more to improve your cardio, consider using an exercise bike. If you are looking more to increasing your lower body without having to go outside to jog or walk, especially in cold weather, a treadmill is more optimal. Or if you are looking for a balance of lower body and upper body toning, an elliptical machine is the better choice.