How To Break Up With Someone: According To A Relationship Expert

Framing a new relationship is difficult but ending the relationship is also quite difficult for a person. As a relation in there is love and care, ending that love is impossible. But in case if any of the circumstances love of a person ends, then with the passage of time, love and affection start to deteriorate, and the person can move forward in life.

But if we talk about the circumstances of the heartbreak, it differs from person to person, as each person’s reaction differs.

Here we will discover some theislandnow best tips according to experts on how to end a relationship.

Be sure

Ending up in a relationship is a very difficult phase of life. There are plenty of second thoughts that come to your mind when you think of a breakup with your partner. It makes a very painful and messy situation which further takes off your Peace of Mind. Therefore it is necessary to spend some time with yourself or talking to your best friend or family member or a relationship specialist to get over your thoughts and be sure about your relationship.

Do it face to face 

According to experts, break up is the most mature decision taken by established couples. According to experts, if you are thinking of breaking up with your partner, you must do it face to face. So the best place to do it is in their home so that they are familiar with the place. Moreover, it is easy for you to leave if the situation is out of your control. 

 There are few exceptions to the face-to-face rule. If you are in a long-distance relationship, you can shift to a phone-based breakup. If you are in a new dating situation that has only lasted for one or two months, then you can get away with a simple text message.

Tell the truth

If you are ending a relationship, you must end by stating the reasons to the other person. It is wrong by your side if you end up in any relation without explaining the reason why. For example, it has been seen in many relationships that you have the hardest time after a breakup; the reason is that they didn’t understand and keep wondering why it happens to them? So it is advisable to be true with your reasons and explanation while ending a relationship and not be cruel to the other person.

Let them decide whether to contact you or not

Some persons keep an eye or check in on your ex for some time, even after the breakup. 

It may seem kind to maintain a friendly relationship after a breakup. However, in contrast, in many cases, both the partners ideally decide to contact each other as a friend till both of them moved on completely.


These are some of the best theislandnow ways which help you effectively manage the breakup phase in your life. Moreover, this leaves you good impression on your partner.