What Are The Various Platform To Purchase The Vape?

The popularity of vaping has skyrocketed in recent years, but one downside is that you may be inhaling more dangerous toxins than if you were smoking cigarettes. One study found that vaporizers emit about twice as much formaldehyde as cigarettes when used on the same amount of tobacco. If you’re thinking about getting a vape device of your own, you might want to consider these reasons why vaping isn’t necessarily safer than smoking. 

But let’s start with what a vaporizer actually does—it heats up tobacco or marijuana into an inhalable state so you can smoke it like a cigarette. The process releases carcinogens (cancer-causing substances) from the plant material, which are then absorbed through your lungs and carried to your blood stream. When you exhale, those toxins are released back into the air, where they can potentially cause respiratory problems and other health hazards. 

One way to mitigate this problem is by using a vaporizer instead of smoking, since you don’t inhale the harmful chemicals directly. A study published in 2016 looked at people who used both traditional cigarettes and electronic cigarettes, and concluded that “e-cigarette use was not associated with an increased risk of COPD exacerbation.” That means e-cigarettes aren’t any more hazardous than regular cigarettes, but they do contain fewer toxins. 

And while it’s true that vaporizers don’t give you direct access to the smoke, they still have some downsides. For one thing, nicotine levels are typically higher in vaporized products. In addition, while most vaporizers heat the herb, others burn it by heating it to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit (538 degrees Celsius). This causes a lot more tar and combustion gases to be emitted into the atmosphere. 

Another major concern is the high percentage of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), chemical compounds that are known cancer-causers. Studies show that PAHs are produced during the combustion of tobacco and marijuana, even when the herb is heated only slightly above room temperature. And a 2015 study demonstrated that vaporizers also produce levels of PAHs up to ten times higher than smokers. 

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In short, the evidence suggests that vaping isn’t inherently better or worse than smoking. It all depends on whether you’re vaping or smoking. But just because there’s no clear answer doesn’t mean you shouldn’t think about it. Here are five reasons to avoid vaping at all costs. 

  1. You’ll get addicted faster 

If you’re already addicted to nicotine, you won’t be able to quit using vaping. Nicotine is highly addictive because it affects your brain’s reward system, making you crave it over and over again. And since a vaporizer uses less nicotine than a cigarette, you’ll consume it more slowly and therefore feel less intense cravings. 

  1. Your throat will become irritated 

You’ve probably heard that vaporizers release fewer toxins than cigarettes, but that’s not entirely true. Yes, they tend to have lower levels of toxicants overall, but they still contain nicotine. And nicotine can irritate your throat. 

For example, many studies have shown that vaporizers are more irritating to your throat than cigarettes. Researchers believe this is due to the aerosolized particles created when you vaporize the plant material containing nicotine. These particles are smaller than the ones produced in cigarette smoke, so they can penetrate deep into your lungs. And while the particles themselves are harmless, it may still cause irritation. 

  1. You’ll breathe in more harmful chemicals 

As mentioned earlier, vaporizers do release more toxic chemicals than cigarettes. But if you’re vaping them regularly, you could be breathing in more toxins on a daily basis than you would if you smoked. 

  1. Vaporizers don’t filter out most of the chemicals 

A lot of vaporizers claim to filter out the majority of the toxins contained in the herbal materials, but they don’t remove all of them. While the nicotine is filtered out, the tar and other harmful chemicals pass right through the filters. So if you’re using a vaporizer to treat your lung disease or prevent cancer, you might be exposing yourself to the very chemicals you’re trying to avoid. 

  1. Vaping releases more CO than cigarettes do 

CO stands for carbon monoxide, and it’s another toxin that’s produced when you combust plant matter. Like nicotine, CO is highly addictive. And while you can limit the amount of CO you inhale by limiting how long you hold the vaporizer, it’s impossible to completely eliminate it. As a result, you could end up absorbing more CO than you would if you were smoking cigarettes. 

There’s plenty of anecdotal evidence that vaping is bad for your health, but the science hasn’t been conclusive yet. However, the research we do have points towards vaping being worse than smoking. If you do decide to try a vaporizer, be sure to talk to your doctor first before starting up a new habit. And if you’re considering switching from cigarettes to vaping, remember to take these precautions. 

Vaping Is Not Safer Than Cigarettes 

Most people know that smoking is unhealthy, but few people realize the dangers associated with vaping. And although there are some benefits to using a vaporizer over a cigarette, it’s not worth putting your health at risk. 

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