What are the Consequences of Not Cleaning a Dental Retainer?

Oral hygiene is necessary. It is important to have crystal clear teeth and an odorless mouth to have a good presence. If you have teeth irregularities or oral surgery, then you can switch to dental retainers. The dental retainers are the best oral care devices that help align teeth and properly fix your oral structure. Most orthodontists recommend high-quality retainers for best tooth results. 

Suppose you wear an oral retainer, then you must know how to clean it. The retainers are customizable and fix inside your mouth. The saliva contains bacteria, and it also sticks two the retainer. 

Along with bacteria, the retainer also gets foreign substances like tartar and plague. When you have food, the food particles enter your retainer. And the dirt enters your stomach. If your retainer is not cleaned properly, you may fall sick. Hence it is best to choose a unique method of cleaning dental retainer.

How to clean dental retainers?

The question of how to clean a retainer with vinegar comes to everyone’s mind. Vinegar is the best solution to clean dental retainers. The dental retainer made up of wire or mineral deposits can be cleaned with soft bristles of the brush. Vinegar is one of the softest solutions to clean bacteria and stains. The liquid form of vinegar does not damage the mineral dental retainer.  Hence, you must know how to clean a retainer with vinegar. Here are some methods to be followed:

  • Take a disposable dish to clean your dental retainer. Vinegar is a type of solution that has a high concentration of acetate. So it is best to create an amazing solution with vinegar to clean the dental retainer. 
  • Take half a tablespoon of vinegar and a small quantity of warm water. Mix it well and create a strong solution. Water alone cannot clean the foreign substances, but it becomes a strong removing agent when it mixes with vinegar.
  • Put your dental retainer into the mixture of water and vinegar. Soak in the bowl of vinegar solution for not more than 20 minutes. If you use a high amount of vinegar, it can damage the dental retailer.
  • After 20 minutes of soaking, you must take it off from the bowl and put it into another bowl of cold water.
  • Dry the dental retainer with soft cotton fabric. 

You can use it again and again after proper cleaning. It would help if you cleaned the dental retainer at least twice a week. So you must choose the method of cleaning according to your choice.

Bottom Line

Authentic cleaning will enhance your overall look. If you have an amazing oral system, you will feel much better and fresh. Each day you have different meals and regular cleaning is necessary. 

Otherwise, you may suffer from the development of a cavity and bad odour. To stay safe orally, you must choose the best method of cleaning your dental retainer. However, you must choose the best orthodontist for proper advice on cleaning the retainer.