Valuable Tips for Using a Golf Range Finder Efficiently

Get the best golf rangefinder to push your game to a higher level! Yes, the device was controversial back then since professional golf limits its use. However, golf rangefinders prove super beneficial for players because it helps them make faster shots in the middle of the green. 

That’s why you want to know more about golf rangefinders today. Learn how to use the device properly as well. Knowing such points help you improve your game the next time you play.

What are Golf Rangefinders and How to Use Them Properly

For starters, golf rangefinders are devices that use laser technology for measuring distance. It has a shape similar to digital cameras, and you only need to point it to the target. Take a shot then the device measures the distance between you and the target.

Aside from golf rangefinders, there is another popular device for mapping golf courses. Those are GPS devices that present you with a map of a whole golf course instead of telling you the distance from a target. The thing is, such GPS devices are less accurate. You need to sync the map of a golf course before using the device as well.

That’s why laser rangefinders are a more popular choice for amateur and pro golfers today. Some rangefinders also have helpful add-ons, such as magnification and object recognition. The magnification feature lets you zoom in a view for a more accurate shot and estimation. Then, object recognition enables the device to identify certain objects, such as flags.

However, you need to properly use a golf rangefinder to improve your game performance. Thus read on for some tips.

1. Buy a Golf Rangefinder with Excellent Magnification Feature

As mentioned above, the magnification feature lets you zoom in a view before taking a shot. That means you don’t need to aimlessly shot the laser in a certain direction without a fixed target. And a fixed target means the device can yield more accurate distance estimations for you.

Now, most golf rangefinders have magnification features. However, only a few have a quality magnification function that yields a clear and accurate view.

2. Scan the Surroundings

Before you take a shot, be sure to scan the surroundings first. Take note of the obstacles around and search for possible goals. Yes, the magnification of a golf rangefinder can help, but it is best to know your target for a more accurate estimation.

The thing is, there are golf rangefinder units that has scanning mode. Such a feature lets you measure different things all over the surroundings. Think of measuring the distance of a landmark from the goal.

3. Observe Proper Positioning

Now, you’re ready to put your eye on the device. The first thing to remember is to observe the best distance between your eyes and the device. That is to avoid eyestrain and to get a better view. Some golf rangefinders require you to go closer, while others are excellent when you keep a few inches away.

Next, keep the device as stable as possible. That is to yield accurate measurements while the golf rangefinder works. Thus use both of your hands when taking a shot. Or position it on a tripod when you have one.

4. Consider Object Recognition

If you’re having difficulties targeting the goal with a golf rangefinder, consider using an object recognition feature. Such a feature lets the device recognize landmarks such as flags. So, for example, they can measure the distance between you and a flag.

If you use a device that doesn’t carry such a feature, use the technique when scanning the surroundings instead. Point the device to a good landmark as a target.

5. Practice Off the Green

Lastly, practice using the device even when you’re not on a golf course. You can use it in a park, on the beach, or while hunting. Some hunters even have rangefinders in their gears to estimate the distance of their targets. 

Such a habit makes you ready whenever you hit the green with a golf rangefinder on hand.

These simple but handy tips will help you perform better when playing golf. However, remember to grab the best golf rangefinder for easy but accurate estimations.