Steps to play Wordscapes on PC with AirDroid Cast

AirDroid is a kind of website which allows us to play word games officially on it. You can download the word games by using this website on any of your devices. Mostly, people with personal computers use this website to download word games for playing it. This is because they love to play word games as it has so many benefits in it. It helps develop the overall skills of our brain, and our brain’s performance becomes efficient. Most people play these games on their smartphones as it is the most convenient device for making any kind of technological operation. But, some people lack in it, and they have computers with them. This website works for those people and helps them to download the game on their devices.

Along with downloading the game, you can also access wordscapes cheat & answers. Accessing the game through the website is a bit complicated, and you have to follow some steps that to know the exact way of accessing the game. AirDroid has an official website and an application of itself, and you have to download that application from there first. Let’s check out all the steps of downloading the wordscape on your computer and mac. 

Step-1 Download the AirDroid Cast 

AirDroid is a website that is present on the internet. This website also has its application or cast, which we have to download first for starting the process. You can download the application from the website itself on any of your devices, such as a computer or MacBook. This means the applications support both types of operating systems, i.e., ios and windows. You can also control your ios or android devices by using this application as it provides good accessibility to its users. 

     Step-2 Cast the screen of your device with the computer

After downloading the AirDroid cast successfully, you need to operate it on your android or ios device. AirDroid is a kind of software that makes the connection between the ios or android devices and computers or macs. You have to apply the cast code in the application, and the screen present in your smartphone will start to show on your computer. This means you can easily control your phone using your computer. You can also take the help of Airplay in this process if you have an ios device.

Step-3 Control the casting

After connecting your device with the computer, you have to control the whole thing now using your computer. When you get access to your smartphone, you have to click on the control button present on the left bar. This will take you to the introduction screen, and you have to turn on the feature of controlling that screen. You will be ready with both of your devices to play the game.

Step-4 Play the game 

After selecting the control option, you will get into the world of your smartphone, and you can operate it through your computer easily. Press on the icon of the game through the computer or mac itself and start playing the word game on the big screen. This was the most convenient way of playing this game on PC.

 Everyone likes to play the smartphone’s games on the big screen, but they don’t know the way to do it. AirDroid is the best way to be used by a person for playing everything on their smartphone in their computer or mac. You should also try it if you are interested in doing so. The steps related to this have been discussed above; read them carefully.