Relationship Advice After A Break Up For Women

What sets those angry buttons for women after a break up is the fact that their ex managed to get over and move on quite unexpectedly soon, while the other party is still finding a way to understand the reason for the break up.

To all you women out there, this is the relationship advice after break up you should not miss.

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Why Do Men Get Over the Break Up So Fast

Let us face it. Men were taught to be strong and to never shed a tear over a girl (not literally of course). The absence of misery or dullness in your ex cannot be interpreted as if he is not suffering. For all you know it he may be dying inside to scream “I miss you” but he is forbidden by what they perceive to be not the normal reaction to handling break up grief.

You may not know it but at some point he cried in his sleep and he felt the same pain that you felt, only that, they were indoctrinated to hide their pain and suffer in silence. Understand that men have to appear strong and dependable at all times. They have to carry a facade to conceal the real emotions they are feeling and to get moving.

And by some genetic miracle, there are men that are simply oblivious to the value of relationships. They jump from one relationship to another. It has become generic for most men to simply let go of the unsettled relationship issues and move on to another one with the hopes of finding a better and fresher relationship. Hoping that this time around the relationship will be different. Learn more about love here: – Relationship Guidance

How your ex boyfriend will react to the break up should not control how you will react to it. Avoid dwelling too much on the pain of the break up and why he is acting in such ways that it sends a signal that your relationship didn’t matter to him that much. You don’t need to hold on to the relationship any longer. The best you can do is to make the space worth your while. Men engage in various activities to get over a break up, hence they appear calmer and resolved. They don’t get over that easy, they just know how to channel their frustrations, they adapt quickly to the changes, and so you should too.

How to Calm Down From the Break Up

Ladies, scream the pain out as hard as you can. Cry for the rest of the week or take a time out from everything to grieve. Find a place where you can be alone and be spared from criticisms or questioning eyes. Breath and just pour out the frustrations and all the anger that you are feeling. Mourn the loss, process the grief, swear some more and move on. Do not in any way put your life on hold while hoping for him to come back.

If you can’t find a place to get it out, then write it down. This is an effective method to counter depression. Just let out everything that you have been controlling and confining to yourself. Let the letter contain all the things that you want him to hear the things you wanted him to know.

Express all the emotion, the sentiments and all the things you wish you could easily say on his face. Reread it; edit the same at will in case you forgot something. Keep it. Then read it again after a while you will feel the relief of getting it out. This is a good way of communicating how you feel without blowing your chances of having a future with your ex should you wish to be with him again.

Immerse yourself in a new goal. Do something with your time. There are groups that are open and willing to take you anywhere just so you can break free from the pain. There are things you can engage yourself in to keep your body and mind busy. Slowly the boredom will disappear and you will find yourself motivated again.

You can do many things if you really want to help yourself. Many people can help if you will allow them to. Remember this is something that does not go over night. Everything you experience from the break up should be dealt with all positivity. Doing something that makes you feel the world again will help you recover faster.