Minecraft- Server Host

Microsoft has created ripples since the many decades it was launched and has become a billion dollar conglomerate for which the credit goes to its founder, Bill Gates, who wouldn’t have even envisioned at that time where it would take him but people all around the globe marvel at this school dropout for his skills.

Microsoft has become one of the biggest software giants in the world where you have computers, laptops and many electronic devices but the one thing that it the name quite famous amongst youngsters is gaming.

Video games are a child’s weakness due to which they want to try out new ones all the time but today we’re discussing about Minecraft because even though it is popular, it is highly underrated as are many sandbox video games of that nature but first let’s clarify a few things.

Swedish Venture

A sandbox game is a venture where the players are given a chance to use their creative skills in completing the numerous tasks that the game has so that the goals can be accomplished at the earliest.

However, there are certain video games that are categorized as sandbox despite having no objectives to fulfill their purpose but Minecraft isn’t on the list because the Swedish developer of video games, Mojang Studios, made it clear that they wanted to cater to the youth’s taste.

Sweden has always been a massive hub for video game developers with Minecraft being the most recent addition that underwent several test versions in the late 2000s before being officially launched in November 2011 to great fanfare.

It was after renowned video game programmer Jens Bergensten came into the fray that the wheel of fortune turned for Minecraft where after a few initial hiccups it gathered steam and quickly became the best-selling video game of all time.

Every video game has its own server which is a multiplayer owned by businessmen or the players in general and Minecraft server too is owned by gamers after Jens made it public.

Players can create their own servers after getting permission from Mojang Studios through computer software but its servers are owned and operated by server operators as only they have access to the command settings through which players are transported from one level to another.

Server Type

It needs to be mentioned that hosting for Minecraft server is a difficult task for which you need to have prior information about the many servers available for Minecraft and here is a list of some of them that are supposed to come out next year.

  1. Shockbyte- With the booming popularity of Minecraft growing each year, Shockbyte is the first one that comes to mind due to being an affordable host provider with RAMs of many sizes where the server activates the moment you subscribe to Minecraft
  2. Scala Cube- It is a flexible option to launch the game where players can keep an eye on people that have logged into their site
  3. Hostinger- Again, it is an affordable service provider where you can set the server up with an instrument panel with a simple click