Know Everything About Chiang Mai International School

How to start the enrollment process of your child?

The quality of the schools depends on the places as well. Some parents choose to move to different places if they want the best education life for their children. If you live near Thailand, you would have heard about chiang mai international school because it has become very popular for good reasons. The enrollment process of your child will begin quickly. Everything is taken care of by the admission committee. The process starts by analyzing your expectations from the school and whether your child will develop in the environment or not. Then the admission form is to be filled.

Along with the admission form, other documents like birth certificate, identification certificate of the parents, etc., are to be attached. Now it is time for the assessment of your child. Based on the class they are applying for, they will be tested and examined. If your child successfully secured the qualifying marks, they are offered placement in the school. According to the seat, it might take a few days and the time taken for examining their assessment. It is now dependent on the parents whether they are satisfied with the school and its impact on their child. The parents are required to make the payment and accept the placement. The last step is to get a child placed in a class according to their age. 

What is the main focus of this school regarding your child’s overall development?

Not many schools focus on developing a child overall. Most of them are determined to build themselves academically for their future. This school is very popular because they understand the importance of the children’s physical, social, and emotional growth. They emphasize the fact that the environment should not be ignored at any cost. This is important for children to learn from a young age. This school does not want to produce robots who work in their entire life without caring about other significant things. 

They want to show that education is important, but other things like the environment and nature cannot be ignored. The students at this school are also taught to learn Buddhist principles to understand the importance of calmness and self-righteousness in life. It is not advised to make every decision based on money and success. By learning Buddhist principles, the students will understand the other aspects of life and how they can impact their minds and bodies.