How To Make Wooden Sheds On A Limited Budget

Don’t have a lot of money to build a wooden shed for your backyard? No problem. The process for building wooden sheds is easy and worth the extra effort you put into it. Inexpensive wooden sheds are well within reach if you have a basic carpentry skill set.

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We should start by assessing your needs. Will you be using your shed as a backyard retreat that you will decorate and furnish? Or perhaps you’ll be storing that riding mower that’s made its home in your garage.

Size is another important consideration. It much easier to determine the size shed that will work best once you’ve decided how you will be using it.

Now you are ready to do some online research. A good place to start is to do a search for images of wooden sheds. You will be able to find hundreds of photos to get an idea of what would work and look best to you. Then, once you have a few examples picked out, search for a set of plans that you can download online. There are a few you can obtain free but there is a wide selection of plans available for around $5.00US.

Since we are talking about a limited budget, a great option is to use wood pallets. Boards used to make pallets have been used to build complete sheds. They can be purchased for around $4.00US or better if bought in bulk. With some research, you can find them free of charge. That’s what I did. I found a company that threw them out to be recycled. They were more than happy to let me have as many as I needed.

Of course, by using the wood from pallets, you’ll have to modify how you use the plans but its a great place to start. And, almost everything from the door to the floor and walls can be made by using the wood from the pallets.

Its feasible that all you may have to purchase for this project is the shingles (or whatever material you chose to cover your roof with), hardware and paint or stain.

With some basic carpentry skills and a little resourcefulness, your “new” wooden shed is just a weekend or two away.