Find Ores In Minecraft – How to find out

Finding minerals in Minecraft can certainly be a very difficult task. Ores can be quite useful for crafting and in this video we will show you everything about this block type. Check this video tutorial and learn how to find ores in Minecraft!

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First of all, you need to know that the different kinds of ores available are distributed according to the altitude. In this way, you will need to take a look at the debug screen, which will tell you how high you are blocks and the given position pray you will know where they are.

In the game there are eight ores: Iron, gold, diamond, emerald, Redstone, nether quartz, carbon and lapis lazuli. Each one of them has a specific use and some of them are extremely hard to find, so will need to work hard.

Also you can see how to convert minerals into ingots and then use them in any recipe that you want to! You can also check our tutorial on How to Get Redstone in Minecraft to learn more about this kind of block and how to use it.

Every one of these ores can be found in The Overworld, except for the Nether Quartz which lays hidden in The Nether. This is what makes it so hard to find, but its rareness makes the journey more worthy. Besides, it’s an amazing tool for exotic decorations!

As to the rest of these materials, diamonds are, hands down, the hardest to find; Emeralds can be used to trade with Villagers; and gold is not as useful as you could believe it to be. Anyway, collect every ore you can and leave nothing behind because you can always find a way to make profits and craft out of the!