Enhancing Muscle Definition The Right Way

One of the main goals of bodybuilding is to maximize muscle definition by shedding body fat. In losing fat, muscle tone gets accentuated and seems far more impressive. The question then is how can one maximize muscle definition while preserving already built bodymass?

This dilemma has left several bodybuilders flummoxed, as they encounter significant muscle loss while trying to improve muscle definition. While some understand that improving muscle definition is also a function of specific dietary regimes, others feel that weight lifting variables alone can give them the definition they desire. In the latter case, the most widely accepted bodybuilding technique is to increase rep range, where lighter weights are used to allow for greater than normal number of reps per set. Certain bodybuilders also maintain that this particular weight lifting method accelerates muscle definition dramatically.

It is difficult to trace the exact origin of this particular bodybuilding theory, but one can make an educated guess on how it came about. Lactic acid builds up in muscle when engaging in high rep muscle building workout sessions and causes a muscle “burn”. Since this doesn’t happen while lifting heavier weights, it has led some to believe that this method focuses on the muscles in a more complete way, and therefore brings about better muscle definition. Also, since cardiovascular fatigue accompanies higher rep weight training workout sessions, bodybuilders may feel that they are shedding more fat. They then start following such workout routines in which muscle definition is the primary goal. The issue with this theory is that weight training is not meant to reduce fat or increase definition, but to boost muscle size and strength.

Also, the risk in this method is that the bodybuilder decreases the load provided to muscle tissue, and is likely to burn a portion of muscle mass that was built earlier using lower reps and greater weight. So instead of improving body mass definition, this method will be counterproductive as larger number of reps have no more of a positive impact on muscle definition than low rep workouts, they only offer lesser fatigue. This adversely affects muscle gain and a bodybuilder stands the risk of losing muscle mass, especially when he’s also following a reduced calorie diet plan.

A bodybuilder should therefore design each weight training workout with a proper combination of rep ranges to sustain muscle mass and modifying his diet variables to promote fat reduction.

Another workout change that can accelerate fat reduction and stimulate the cardiovascular system is aerobic activity. An aerobic activity will assist in controlling body fat percentage and fosters maximum muscle definition as well. 

To support your efforts, you might even like the idea of including supplements in your routine. They are no meal stealers and easy to pop capsules that act effectively to accelerate weight loss. Don’t know where to find the one? Well, online stores are plenty to supply the variety, and the best recommendations are available in blog posts like that of Denverpost periodicals. Search for the best and order your stuff this instant!

So if you’re pursuing muscle definition and find fat loss disappointing, restructure your diet plan first – this is key to body fat gain or loss, and secondly, aim for consistent aerobic sessions – maybe five days per week. By doing this, you will experience both body fat loss and muscle definition improvements. If you are already engaged in consistent aerobic activity, ensure that the intensity is adequate – a normal walking pace is not challenging to the cardiovascular system and doesn’t result in any significant improvement in metabolism.