Attract Women The Natural Way – Know about it 

Hey man, do you want to hear some good news? Well I got some for you. Attracting Women is not something you’re born with. Sure, some guys might seem like they were born with the gift of the gab… But most of them picked it up on purpose.

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If you talk to guys who are smooth and you assume have always had it… They will tell you that they had to work for it and invested a bunch of time in figuring out women. The only thing is they started out much earlier than the rest of us (for the most part). The good news is, you can learn it any age, and its never too late.

Good News Number 2:

Unlike us men, women for the most part put emphasis on traits that are learnable. Whereas most of a man’s attraction is to a woman’s genetics. A woman is mostly attracted to things a man can change, such as your fashion, personality, character and social skills.

It doesn’t matter how little attention women are paying to you now. None of that matters, as hey, I’ve been the guy who couldn’t get a second look from women, yet I now am the center of attention in any room I go into. Anyone can do it really.

The First Secret Trait To Develop

Is to be unimpressed with women. Ever wondered why badboys get women? Its not because they’re bad, its because they’re indifferent. They don’t care what women think of them. Now, this is where they’re using an evolutionary glitch of women. Its pure biology that dictates to women that they be attracted to non-chalant guys who don’t seem to care to impress. Why? Because that usually is a sign of status. High status guys couldn’t care less what women think of them.

The problem? A badboy can have this trait, even though he’s living in a van and can’t make ends meet. This is good news for you, as you can develop this trait too. Stop trying to impress women, and you will find they start pursuing and trying to get your interest and approval.

The Second Secret Trait To Develop

Its more of a set of traits. This trait is really called “being a renaissance man”. What this means is that you focus on always growing and adding new and exciting traits. You’re on a never-ending quest of developing yourself and your personality.

You will notice, that guys who are “all around men”, seem to have a special swagger and women love it. What do I mean by “all around men”? I mean guys who have a little bit of everything. He has achieved on OK physique at the gym, he can dance salsa, and oh btw, he’s an awesome cook, while he speaks 4 language, and has lived in 5 countries.

Its all about developing this amazing, unique personality, of a guy who’s always growing and always adding to his portfolio. Women can just recognize a guy like this from miles away. He doesn’t even have to say a word, but just by his demeanor, women know there’s something to this guy.