All you need to know about crypt balansae red, a Popular Aquarium Plant?

Are you an aquarium lover? Then the balansae plan is good for you. Especially when you are a beginner, if you are an experienced person, you can also go with this plant. These crypt balansae red plants help the aquarium to have a good background. The plant has dark and bright color leaves. These leaves provide a feeling of coziness to the fish.

Also, the fishes get an excellent place to hide behind these leaves. Sometimes they play with them, and sometimes they sleep behind them. The plant is also known as the balansae plant. You will mostly find that these plants grow in the area rich in nitrate, phosphate, iron, calcium, and carbon dioxide. You will find these plants in the southern region of Thailand. For this plant, it is necessary to have high calcium to grow turned and twisted leaves.

If they do not get adequate amounts of calcium, then they will start deforming. The plant needs good lighting to grow appropriately. The light they needed should be at least 2-3 watts. If they get high light, then their leaves will gain a bronze texture. If the plant that is matured gets more light, then they might produce the flowers. But if they don’t get more light, then they will not get the flowers. So if you want to have flowers on them, then provide them a good amount of light.

The thing these plants hate

All these crypt balansae red plants do not love changes. If they get chances, then they will undergo the process of crypt balansae red melt. Generally, this happens because of the changes in the water level or due to changes in the co2 level. High fluctuation in the lighting can also cause this crypt to melt. In this process, the plant starts eating its own leaves so as to adjust to the changing environment.

The leaves that they eat help them to generate new roots. It happens so that the leaves that are present on the plant can gain nutrients. Mostly this process is seen in the plants that are newly purchased.

What to do when the leaves are melting

If you see that the leaves of your crypt balansae red plant start melting, then cut the leaves. Make sure that you cut the leaves from their stems. Sometimes the rotten leaves of the plant cause nitrogen spikes or growth of the algae. So the best thing that you can do is to remove those leaves from the roots. If you want your plant to survive during this period, then you can prune all the leaves that melt, or you can trim all the leaves.

If you do so, then the plant will focus on generating new leaves. If you do not do so, then the main focus of the plant is to protect the old leaves. Remember that when the plant is melting, it does not consume more nutrients from the water. This causes the algae to grow very fastly. So make sure that you add some more fast-growing plants into your aquarium. These plants ensure that your aquarium does not grow algae in it. Also, try to keep the environment of the aquarium stable as much as you can.

Why your new crypt plant dye?

When you buy a new plant for your aquarium and keep them underwater, then sometimes you see that the leaves start dying. This happens because of environmental change. If you see your crypt is also dying after growing it at your home, do not throw it. If you see that the roots are healthy, there are very high chances that the plant will survive.

Once you plant the plant, make sure that you don’t move it from one place to another. After some time, you will see small leaves coming out of the plant. If any plant all of a sudden faces a lot of changes, then they start dying. This happens not only with the crypt balansae red but with many other pants also. You need to do is to provide good light to the plant and fertilizer to the roots. Both things will help the plant to grow as soon as possible,

So these are some of the problems that people face if they have a crypt balansae red plant in their aquarium. So here is complete info on what you can do if you also face these issues. Throwing a plant into the trash is not a solution. You should make sure that the plant re-grows. There are so many people out there that do not know about these plants. If you have an aquarium in your house, then you should have this plant also. This plant provides fishes a place to hide, sleep and play around.