A Cashier’s Tray: Improving Customer Service and Satisfaction

Customer service is an essential part of any business, and utilizing a cashier’s tray can positively affect customer satisfaction. A properly stocked cashier’s tray provides convenience to both the customer and the attendant at the checkout counter. It allows items to be moved quickly and efficiently from the till or register to the customer’s hands, in turn saving time, improving accuracy, and providing a better overall shopping experience. Here are some tips for ensuring that your cashier’s tray is helping to improve customer service and satisfaction.

What Goes in a Cashiers Tray?

The first step in ensuring your cashier’s tray is set up correctly is understanding what should go inside it. Depending on what type of business you operate, there may be different items necessary for efficient transactions. Generally speaking, however, most trays should include coins, bills (or paper money), credit cards/debit cards/gift cards/loyalty cards (if applicable), checks (if applicable), receipts, pens or pencils, change holders with dividers for coins and bills, calculator (if applicable) and any other accessories needed for quick checkouts such as lanyards or card swipers.

Organize Your Tray

Once you know what goes into the cashier’s tray it is important to make sure it is organized so that everything is easy to find during the transaction process. This means using dividers to keep coins separate from bills; sorting receipts by type – sale or return – if applicable; keeping pens grouped together away from other items; having change holders clearly marked; etc. The more organized your tray appears the easier it will be for customers to complete their purchase quickly without frustration or confusion.

Minimize Movement During Transactions

Another key factor in improving customer service with a cashier’s tray is making sure that all necessary items are easily accessible throughout each transaction process. Having everything within arm’s reach limits unnecessary movement, which can often lead to delays and errors while checking out customers. Keeping all supplies close by also ensures that transactions are completed cleanly – no need for attendants to dig through drawers or open cabinets mid-transaction!

Provide Adequate Supplies

Ensuring adequate supplies are available in your cashiers’ trays helps avoid slowdowns due to lack of stock when serving multiple customers at once. This includes having enough paper money denominations on hand as well as coins since running out of either during checkout could cause significant delays leading to unhappy customers who may choose not shop with you again in the future!

Stock Appropriately For Your Business Type

By stocking appropriate supplies based on your business needs you can help improve customer service even further by reducing time spent looking for specific items during checkout processes which can delay transactions unnecessarily otherwise! Some examples might include providing lanyards if selling jewelry or bags if retailing apparel – these small touches add an extra layer of convenience, which ultimately leads to better experiences overall!

Train Employees On Proper Use Of The Cashiers Tray

Finally, training employees on the proper use of a cashier’s tray can help ensure efficiency when dealing with customers as well as accuracy when completing transactions. Making sure employees understand how best utilize their trays – including where things should go after every transaction – can streamline operations significantly while still maintaining high levels of quality assurance!


Utilizing a properly stocked and organized cashier’s tray provides convenience both for employees and customers alike when conducting transactions at checkout counters. By implementing strategies such as organizing items appropriately within trays themselves; minimizing movement during purchases; ensuring adequate supplies are always available; stocking according to business types specifically, and training staff members about correct usage techniques you’ll create an atmosphere conducive towards greater customer service & satisfaction!